Saturday, June 4

RIP Ali God bless his family

Muhammad Ali dies at age 74 after long battle with Parkinson's disease  -via ESPN

Tuesday, May 17

Open-Call To Change The Fowled and Garbage Media and Entertainment Industries (opportunity)

I know you haven't heard from me in awhile unless you're in my Inner Circle. I have not been Publishing lately (very little "that is"). I admit I am bankrupt. I no longer have a team due to MY character defects (I accept full responsibility) and I desperately need YOU, Your Friends and Colleagues to stand up. "Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart" ~ Psalm 37:44. Its time for us to unite together and tackle this problem head on. "Help enough other people get what they want and you will surely get what you want" ~ Zig Ziglar

What is the PROBLEM?

Trash in the entertainment and media industries.
(I know you are aware and have seen it). The mainstream media lies, deceives and is made up of the "Devil" (short of being spoken of by Michael Jackson Himself when talking about his ties with the entertainment industry right before his passing). Which leads into the other side of the story ...

Its been my MISSION for the Last Decade (being mentored by Music Row Executives) to shine a light on Good, Wholesome Positive News, Family Friendly Entertainment and Inspirational Stories!

You do not have to be Christian to be a apart of my Business Organization, however The Principles must be present in your life and you must respect them while working with us.

If you'd like to Schedule a time to speak or send a resume:
Email Curtis Ray Bizelli at:

"Some" of the POSITIONS I am needing filled as of now are:

  • Associate Publisher, Asst. Publisher (WORDPRESS SKILLS NEEDED)
  • Associate Editor, Asst. Editor
  • Associate Writers
  • Social Media Moderators / Admins and Content Creators


Click To Visit God Driven Online Media Outlet = WHEN MAGAZINE!!!

Click To Visit God Driven Online Media Outlet = WHEN MAGAZINE!!!
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